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About myself:

I am head of financial control at Bremer Landesbank (part of the NORD⁄LB group) since 2015. As a management control unit the task of my team and me is to analyze and project the financial results from all of Bremer Landesbanks business operations. An important focus of my work is the impact of the ongoing crisis of the shipping industry on the financial results of Bremer Landesbank which counts ship finance among its main business segments. My project management experience includes the implementation of the supervisory review and evaluation process (SREP), the modelling of net-interest-income in the eu-wide banking stress test 2016 and analyzing the impact of IFRS 9. Additionally I was responsible for communicating with regulatory authorities and modelling the significant-risk-transfer for a large scale securitization transaction. Aside from financial topics I still regularly work on quantitative issues as required.

Previously I worked as a senior risk analyst for Bremer Landesbank (starting in 2012). The purpose of my work was the analysis of the credit risks the bank is facing as a consequence of the financial crisis. During the eu-wide banking stress test 2014 I was responsible for modelling the shipping portfolio of the NORD⁄LB-group. I was also heavily involved in various other credit risk activities including the development, validation and evaluation of models used by the german public sector banks to measure credit risk in various business sectors.

As a physicist by training I was a postdoctoral researcher at McGill University in Montréal, Canada before working for the financial industry. The primary focus of my research was the simulation of the dynamics of a relativistic nuclear plasma discovered in heavy-ion collisions. You can find a list of my publications here. I studied in Münster, Germany where I specialised in theoretical physics, received my diploma and eventually attained a PhD for research done on the dynamics of quantum field theories.

I am married and live in Bremen, Germany. Additional information can be found in my CV (in german).

Contents of this web site:

You can find job related information in my section on financial controlling. An overview of my scientific research can be found in the physics section. Aside from these contents you will also find some private information about me. You will for instance find pictures of Montréal in summer and in winter in my photo album. I invite you to discover everything else for yourself.

I hope you will enjoy reading these pages.